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Cape Cod Shipwrecks

Shipwreck. Long Point Provincetown, Massachusetts. 2009.

                                                                                          ©DApixara Photography.
19 Century Schooner it might be the Logan, a former schooner turned coal barge that wrecked around 1920 at Wellfleet Newcomb Hollow. Floated up on to the beach 1/31/2008.                          Prints available.                                ©DApixara Photography.
Shipwrecks Massachusetts Cape Cod Shipwrecks
Hatches Harbor, Provincetown Shipwreck, aprox 120ft   2009.      (need more info!!!!! )      ©DApixara Photography.     1. Hatches Harbor with Race Point Lighthouse 1910.
                                                                                  A John R. Smith Photo.       2.
Ship 1910
Hatches Harbor, Race Point Provincetown Shipwreck 2009. April    (All four photos from same place 1910-2009)     ©DApixara Photography.  3. Hatches Harbor. 1946 September. Wreck discovered.
close 1946
"The Hammer" Shipwreck. North Eastham Cape Cod 2009                     © DApixara Photography.              Prints Available.  
The Hammer Shipwreck Eastham  More Shipwreck pictures coming soon!!






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